Dr. Matthew Stunkel has been providing exceptional dental care in Springfield, Missouri, since 2013. We have seen many smiles and made many friends during that time, and you can see some of those smiles in the gallery below. If you would like to schedule your appointment at Quail Creek Dental and maybe even add your smile to our gallery, call 417-720-4075 today. Our dentist and team are waiting to meet you.

Before & After

broken tooth before
broken tooth after

Broken Front Tooth


Invisalign Teen before
Invisalign Teen after

Invisalign Teen


Invisalign before
Invisalign after



Invisalign before case 2
Invisalign after case 2



Invislaign before case 3
Invislaign after case 3



Invislaign before case 4
Invislaign after case 4



Midcourse Invisalign before
Midcourse Invisalign after

Midcourse Invisalign

Veneer before
Veneer after



Crowns before
Crowns after



Crowns before case 2
Crowns after case 2



Crowns before case 3
Crowns after case 3



Crowns Over Root Canal Tooth before
Crowns Over Root Canal Tooth after

Root Canal & Crown


3 Unit before
3 Unit after

3 Unit Bridge


3 Unit Bridge before
3 Unit Bridge after

3 Unit Bridge